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“Define your inner beauty by Saffrosela"

Hello my name is Fariba, the founder of Saffrosela!

As an American born in Iran, I’m proud to honor my Persian roots by introducing the ancient and luxurious spice, Saffron to the world, by blending it’s powerful beauty secrets with all natural skin care!

I was first introduced to saffron by my grandparents, who shared their passion for this simple yet extraordinary ingredient, passed down in our Persian culture for centuries!

Throughout my years of research, I’ve learned that Saffron has many Skin & health benefits that needed to be shared with the world, which is why I’ve created Saffrosela; a brand that infuses the power of Saffron into everyday beauty products! 


Saffron Skin Benefits:

  • Saffron can nourish the skin, as it naturally contains vitamins and antioxidants & hydrates and softens skin to a healthy-looking glow. 
  • A small amount of Saffron is capable of making skin more naturally luminous than any artificial, mica-laced highlighters available in the skincare market.

Saffron Health Benefits:

  • You can add the spice to your daily diet to improve your mood, as it increases dopamine and serotonin levels in the brain.
  • Studies have also shown Saffron can enhance results in weight loss, as well as even reducing PMS symptoms.

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