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Enjoy a high-vibrational self-care moment, at an incredible savings. Saffron Gold Skin & Face Oil + Blue Sodalite/Rose Quartz/Green Aventurine ( your choice ) Gua Sha Beauty Tool Duo makes for an extraordinary facial massage that lifts, firms and revitalizes.

1- Saffron Gold Skin & Face Oil ( 1 Oz ): A silky Saffron Oil that makes for the perfect medium for your Gua Sha facial massage.

Using Saffron Gold Skin & Face Oil provides a perfectly smooth glide while infusing the skin with hydration benefits from Saffron Oil

2- Crystal Contour Gua She Beauty Tool ,The ancient Gua Sha technique is a deep tissue version of the face roller, and the perfect ritual for the modern living, providing a quick way to breathe new life into the skin.

⁣Gua Sha is a fabulous way to restore skin’s radiance and glow, smooth the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, improve the look of dark circles and puffiness around the eye, while providing a great detoxing face massage, to improve the appearance of breakouts.


Like any other massage, it’s important to pair your gua sha routine with a Saffron Face Oil to help lubricate your skin. This will allow your gua sha tool can pass along your skin smoothly without damaging your skin.

The Crystal Contour is hand carved specially for the face, making your Gua Sha facial massage ultra-effective. Exceptional quality Blue Sodalite,Green Aventurine & Rose Quartz makes this treatment even more luxurious and highly vibrational.

This beautiful Gua Sha is a stone that encourages harmony and restores peace and inner tranquility, releasing fears and tensions. Use its grounding energy to strengthen bonds with others, build self confidence and inspiration, and bring balance into every aspect of your life.

Best For: All skin looking for a visibly lifting and stimulating facial massage that doubles as a self-care ritual.

Targeted Concerns: Fine Lines, Deep Wrinkles, Dullness, Dark Circles, Puffiness, & Congestion

Texture: Smooth and shimmering Green Aventurine, known to be the crystal of good luck and new opportunities.

Texture: Sleek and smooth Blue Sodalite, a crystal known for its grounding energy that brings peace and harmony.

Texture: Sleek and cooling Rose Quartz, known to be the crystal of unconditional love — especially self-love.

Results: Skin with visibly sculpted facial contours, newfound radiance, and reduced appearance of wrinkles and dark circles.

Vegan & Cruelty Free • No Nasties • Handcrafted in California


3 color available

Green Aventurine
Blue Sodalite
Rose Quartz


Blue, Green, Rose


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